Prague Fire Dept

Fire Prevention

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Each year the Prague Fire Department holds a Fire Prevention program.   This is usually held during National Fire Prevention week.  A crowd of about 80 to 100, kids and parents regularly attend the event..  Each year a poster/essay contest is held at school for grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. The winners recieve a cash prize and their posters or essays are displayed on the walls of the Fire Department for the following year.

    Other activities during the night include demonstrations of CPR, Stop-Drop-&-Roll, Discussions of escape routes at home, fire extinguisher lessons, dressing the kids up in bunker gear, smoke house demonstraions, rides on the equipment, and an occasional visit with SMOKEY BEAR or SPARKY THE FIRE DOG.

    In addition to the Fire Prevention Program, the Prague Fire Department holds an Open House every 4-5 years.  During this program (usually held on a Sunday afternoon)  many demonstraions are given.  These include CPR, intubation and Defibrillator demos,  live fire excercises, extrications drills,  equipment displays (including the cost of each piece of equipment), and usually the landing  of a LIFE FLIGHT helicopter.

2010 Fire Prevention

Contest Winners



1st Place             Sierra Rhynalds

2nd Place            Kathryn Johnson



1st Grade

1st Place            Carson Rehnolds

2nd Place            Bailey Rhynalds

3rd Place            Jackson Bergman




2nd Grade

1st Place            Jacob Sousek

2nd Place            Jared Roth

3rd Place            Emily Walls




3rd Grade

1st Place            Gunner Vanek

2nd Place            Jaden Rhynalds

3rd Place            Sophia Bergman




4th Grade

1st Place            Taylor Walls

2nd Place            Roxanne Bergman

3rd Place            Damon Rhynalds



5th Grade

1st Place            Samantha Sousek

2nd Place            Emily Rhynalds

3rd Place            Faith Chmelka


> 6th Grade Essay <

 1st Place            Courtney Vanek

2nd Place            Alley Muessel

3rd Place            Karissa Mullen



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