This page is dedicated to all past firefighters, living and dead, for their service and dedication

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The Prague Volunteer Fire Department
would also like to pay tribute to
the many Firemen and Police Officers
who lost their lives in the line of duty
while working to save lives at the
World Trade Center and Pentagon

May their courage and dedication be an
inspiration to all of us, and may their
bravery and self-sacrifice be
remembered always.

America's Giant

Untold numbers dead, a war is drawing near,
Many people injured, I can only shed a tear.
Soldiers are returning, to be sent right back again,
Screaming, moaning, weeping echoed all throughout the wind.
Mothers losing children, people losing lives.
Workers trapped in buildings, being forced to take their dives.
Damage unpredictable, rumors spread around.
Horrific sights of two large buildings, crashing to the ground.
Many people hurt, hospitals over-flow.
Awake o' Sleeping Giant, let America's power show!
The gateway is now open; the Nation shall unite,
You shall receive your battle, be ready for a fight.
Our morals grew larger, as people died before our eyes,
Just like old Pearl Harbor, you will pay with much demise.
You blew up what we cherished, our lives you have destroyed,
You shall regret your action, when our army is deployed.
So in this poem I tell you, you have made a big mistake.
Now, I can guarantee you, Our Giant Shall Awake


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